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The Mikroszinkron Kft. is one of the leading member of the dub industry for 30 years. The owners are Ferencné Gyula Kozma and István Boross. The dub studio produces remarkable dubs, international sound lines and ads for 30 years.

The owners decided in 2020, that they expand their portfolio, therefore they signed a partnership contract with SuperHero Stúdió, which with the Studio’s enthusiastic team and 20 years experience would like to please the needs of the younger generation.

The SuperHero SoundStudio would continuously works with dubs, sound mastering and ads and from 2021 can provide a rehearsal studio (our “Silent” room is equipped with the most high-tech equipments on the market), albums and song can be recorded digitally, can provide producing advises, does mastering on a professional level.

The SuperHero FilmStudio creates series, programs and ads for online platforms. For further information, please visit www.superherostudio.hu, where details can be found and also how we can help if we got chosen.

If there’s a cinematic, musical or any other idea, which we can help with, or maybe the process seems too difficult, please contact us and we provide aid resolving the problem.

We are waiting in a pleasant, modern and cosy environment.

The Mikroszinkron Kft. and the SuperHero Stúdió within it provides service for cinematic and musical professionals alike.

Nothing is impossible for us, and the customer is in the focus and the costumer’s needs.

Our Services

Recording and mastering dubs for movies and series


Recording narration


Complete sound mastering (FI.: stereo and 5.1 mixing, post production)


Recording and mastering narrations for ads


Recording and mastering narrations for educational videos


Recording and mastering audio book, poems


Mastering background noises and noises


International sound production and sound design



Some of our works:
The studio made dubs for these films:

Dubs – (ISZDB – Internetes Szinkron Adatbázis)

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